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Pre-conference Workshop

Historical physics instruments – engineering education potentialities

Malaquias, I.


WS1: Great successes in lectures and labs

What defines a success in lectures and labs? Case studies in Physics teaching 

Radojewska, E. B.; Salejda, W.; Poprawski, R.; Szatkowski, J.; Cizman, A.

Enhancing scientific analysing and reporting skills – integrated physics laboratory course

Suhonen, S.; Tiili. J.

Effects of PBL methodologies on the students personal competences

Pinheiro, M.

Activating students in laboratories. Trusty and reliable solutions. 

Radojewska, E. B.


WS2: Activating students in large-enrolment courses

Activating students or activating teachers?

Tormen, G.

Activating Students in Large-Enrolment Courses: scope of the workshop 

Bohrmann, S.


WS3: Project Based Learning

Project-Based Learning in the Polytechnic School of Águeda

Oliveira, J.

Project-Based Learning in the Industrial Engineering and Management Integrated Master degree at the University of Minho 

Alves, A.; Lima, R.


WS4: Video analysis

Video analysis of motions

Hockicko, P.

Using video solutions and “hi-score-list” to increase and to monitor student’s homework 

Tiili, J.; Suhonen, S.


WS5: Open themes

Using pre-lecture assignments to enhance students learning in introductory physics

Manninen, R., Tiili, J.

Concept mapping for physics engineering

Leitão, C.

Fiber sensors for optical training courses 

Novais, S.; Nascimento, M.; Antunes, P.; Pinto, J.

Water Level Optical System for Integrating Competences

Nascimento, M. S.; Novais, S. C.; Antunes, P. ; Pinto, J.

TRIZ methodology for analysis and synthesis of innovation

Brustlova, J.; Busov, B.; Bartlova, M.