Meliá Ria

The Meliá Ria Hotel is located in a superior quality residential development in the centre of Aveiro, with views of the lake formed by the River Ria de Aveiro. Located next to the Cultural and Congress Centre and the train station, just a short distance from the historical heart of the city, 7 km from the beaches, and 60 minutes from Porto airport, with easy access to the A1, IP5 and IC1 highways. [more]

Aveiro University

The University of Aveiro (UA) is one of the youngest and most innovative universities in Portugal. It was built in 1973 but it quickly developed into a dynamic and competitive institution and into being a leading reference in the Portuguese university system.

The quality of its infrastructure, research dimension and educational programs has led the university to excel in the fields of Education, Sciences, Economy, Communication and Arts, Management and Planning or Engineering and in aiding national and regional business improvement. The UA has also gained increased relevance in the international panorama by co-operating and collaborating with non-Portuguese universities through the European Consortium of Innovative Universities, of which it is a member.

The university is a modern open based campus and it is listed as one of the local attractions for tourists. Most of its buildings were designed by the best national architects and its surroundings unveil the natural beauty of the city of Aveiro. The Campus of Santiago, name given to the university campus, offers all the facilities on one single site and is located within a short distance (10-15 min walk) from the heart of the city.

Being a place of excellence, the UA is chosen for hosting several national and international scientific events, meetings and symposia, as well as artistic and cultural exhibitions. [more]

City of Aveiro

Aveiro is located on the Atlantic coast of Portugal and is surrounded by salt-flats and beaches to the west, and by mountains and fertile valleys to the east. Allavarium (Aveiro’s Roman name) was known for its salt flats in the 10th century and its geographical location turned it into an industrial city with an important seaport and with a strong connection to water, especially to its “Ria”.

The “Ria” runs through the city creating a balanced aquatic and urban environment. In the city center houses and boats are reflected in the water and the “art nouveau” buildings lend a “belle époque” touch to its atmosphere.

You can enjoy a trip through the canals on a “moliceiro”, a traditional boat painted with bright colours and with humorous decorations and sayings. Examples of art nouveau can be visited in the city centre. Aveiro is not a big city, so you will have time to get acquainted with local attractions, as well as with its typical food, wines and sweets. [more]