Getting to Aveiro


Flying to Portugal

You can fly to Portugal using the following two Portuguese International Airports:

• Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport in Oporto, located circa 70 kms north of Aveiro. [more]
• Portela International Airport in Lisbon, located 250 km south of Aveiro. [more]

Coming from Oporto

By car

The main road access to Aveiro is the Oporto/Lisbon highway/motorway A1 (Check route here). Once on the A1, take Exit 16 “Aveiro/Viseu” and follow the A25 (Aveiro). Follow the A25 for about 9km  and near the football stadium (a colorfull edification) take the “Aveiro” exit. Follow the road for 6km and take Exit 3 “Aveiro”. [more]

By train

From the airport to the train station (Campanhã Station) you can take a taxi or the metro /subway (Line E). When in Campanhã take the train to Aveiro. Prices and journey duration depend on the type of train you take.  [more]

Coming from Lisbon

By car

The main road access to Aveiro is the Lisbon/Oporto highway/motorway A1. Coming from Lisbon on the A1, take Exit 15 “Aveiro Sul/Águeda”. Turn right (direction Aveiro) and follow the road for 20km. You will find the Universiy of Aveiro campus on the left. [more]

By train

You can get to the train station (Gare do Oriente) by taxi or by shuttle (Aeroshuttle). The Aeroshuttle runs every 30 minutes – make sure you take the “Gare do Oriente” direction. Once in “Gare do Oriente” take the “Intercidades” train or the “Alfa Pendular” train to Aveiro. Train prices and timetables can be found. [more]

Official travel agency

For more information please contact the official travel agency Viagens Abreu, S.A.